Achieving Optimum Health and Harmony of Its Dimensions

Being healthy is a basic requirement to fully appreciate the good things that surround us and inspire us to work towards the realization of our dreams and goals. It is a fundamental need to make a living to survive. When you are not healthy, your routine activities are interrupted. Medical news shows that discomfort caused by annoying body discomfort or persistent problems causes persistent and unhappy moods that can deplete your ability to cope and adapt.

But then, how do you know that you are healthy? It may be considered healthy, but another considers it unhealthy. You can have your own idea of ​​what characterizes a healthy person. In fact, it is better if everyone has a common basis to determine when a person is truly healthy. What, then, are the qualities one must have to be considered healthy?

To determine the state of your health, you must examine the six dimensions of your life, which are the physical, mental, emotional, social, vocational and spiritual dimension. These six dimensions will give ideas to determine the level of health. Medical journals say that all of these are expected to interact accordingly. Any disorder that involves one dimension can affect other dimensions.

Physical health involves the different systems of the body. All body mechanisms are expected to operate harmoniously to be considered adequate to meet the demands of daily activities. Each system must monitor the functioning of the organs to make the necessary adjustments to maintain balance. For example, when suffering from loose bowel movements, the other organs that release water, such as the sweat gland and kidneys, should conserve water to prevent dehydration.

Mental and emotional health can be seen as your way of seeing your ability to do your homework and deal with problems appropriately. It is also the ability to make and apply good decisions and, at the same time, feel good inside. If you have mental and emotional health, you are optimistic in life and appreciate the things that surround it. You can also accept disappointments with courage and composure. Social health includes your ability to get along with others and create a relaxed environment by being sensitive and receptive to the needs of others.

Vocational health applies to your behavior and attitude in the performance of the duties and obligations of your chosen career. As an adult, you should consider your attitude when fulfilling your responsibilities as a worker in preparation for financial independence in the future. Spiritual health is also another important dimension. Any disturbance in the functioning of the other dimensions can still be managed while maintaining spiritual health.

All these dimensions overlap and interact with each other. Therefore, to be in the best state of health and life experience, you must ensure that all these dimensions work cooperatively to achieve balance. Be alert with the latest health news and what you can do to maintain optimal health. To achieve this, you must accept the responsibility of taking care of your own health to live longer and at the same time experience satisfaction and happiness.

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