Health & Exercise Basics For The Minimalist

The facts are quite striking when it comes to the state of health and fitness in the United States. Not only is he hearing about the unfortunate state of physical fitness issues of infomercials late at night. Now surely you listen to it regularly in the daily television news, magazines, newspapers, schools, health associations, the government, etc. The list continues, but for several crazy reasons, the population continues to increase in size and decrease their overall health. .

The number of experts, or the so-called experts, is huge. Even when that number is huge, there is still resistance to your message. The fact is that Americans don’t like the right and honest answers from experts. It can be difficult to face the reality that the lack of physical condition, which has taken several years to arrive, will realistically take almost the same time in hard work to change. Does this leave us with a continuous and unsurpassed mountain of fat and related health problems that we might also get used to? Not necessarily.

As a minimalist society that enjoys the benefits of technology to make our lives more efficient, you simply need to look for minimal changes that are almost imperceptible to our daily routines. Minimum is really minimal, especially when you are trying to start a path to a healthier life. Anything IS BETTER than nothing, as long as I don’t kill you by making these daily activity changes.

Follow the following 9 examples of healthy lifestyle changes that will help you benefit and improve your personal fitness.

  1. Wake up 20 minutes earlier and take a brisk walk down your neighborhood- 10 minutes out, 10 minutes back
  2. Get ready for bed 40 minutes earlier and do simple, relaxing yoga stretches prior to retiring for the night
  3. Drink 12 cups of fluid per day: mostly water, but tea, coffee, real fruit juice and other fluids count, too.
  4. Kick the soda habit to the curb- the average can contains 10 teaspoons of pure sugar-ICK, and 170 calories of no nutritional value
  5. Go shopping daily for your fruit and produce. Buy local, organic and in-season sources to limit your exposure to pesticides, save you money, and contribute to a greener planet by not eating things that have to be transported using fossil fuels to your local grocery store.
  6. Utilize a program that delivers pre-made meals of correct proportions, that is not only nutritionally sound but also tasteful and pleasing to your senses
  7. Exercise daily, or just more often than you do now. Daily walks with stretching and twice weekly strength conditioning are all critical to keeping your body in minimal shape.
  8. Stop eating at least 2 hour before you retire for bed
  9. Eat breakfast! Your body has been on a 8-10 hour fast and needs to replace fuel to start the day, give the brain it’s much needed glucose to function, and eating breakfast can keep you from making poor food choices later in the day.

For the minimalist physicist, the nine previous examples are an excellent starting point to improve health and well-being. Make use of the technology that our society has loved and connect your I-pod during your workouts, buy a pedometer and count how many steps you take on each walk, or use some of the free calorie counters online to count increase your daily intake. Whatever you do, whether a little or a lot, is a step in the right direction. Be minimalist, start with the basics, see how your health improves and follow the path to a healthier lifestyle.

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