Exactly What is a Backlinking Service and How Can it Help You?

Let me just take a minute to describe a time in every website owner’s lives. The site you worked so hard on has been running for six months. While you’re seeing some sales, they are not what you expected. Search engines have you indexed. You have learned all about Google’s tools and submitted a great sitemap. You have learned metatags and a whole new language about how the internet works.

You aren’t even close to the top if people search for the keywords that you want your site to be listed with. For most words, the person would need to browse through 10-12 pages to find your site. Their trust would be low if they did this. Google has you listed 110 times for the keyword that you think is your site’s main purpose Jasa Backlink Powerfull dan Berkualitas Untuk Optimasi Website. They probably trust Google more then they trust you.

This is a common situation that website owners find themselves in at some time during their business venture. They have followed all the SEO rules and still not had their website ranked. They have done all the necessary on-page SEO work, but still their website is not ranked. Backlinks are what will make this website a great success story.

Backlinks can be links placed on other websites’ sites. They allow viewers to go directly to your website by clicking on a term that will direct them to their point-of-interest. Because they allow search engines to identify relevant sites for specific search terms, backlinks are very popular. If a user searches “vacuum cleaners”, and there are a lot of backlinks that have the word “vacuum cleaners” embedded in them, the search engines will recognize this as a relevant site. When a general user is searching for information about that search term, I will rank it high.

Now that you know how it works, let’s get to the hard part: getting sites to link to your website. People spend a lot time trying to convince website owners to provide a backlink in return for one from your site. Most website owners don’t want to trade down on website popularity (theirs site is more popular because it is brand new) so they refuse your offer. Site owners pay for links to sweeten their deal and pay a lot for them. Because of the time and effort involved in signing and paying each deal, and verifying that it is active and real, the return on this activity can be difficult to calculate. It is not an easy path to follow.

These companies have found a way to alleviate this pain. These companies offer a backlinking solution that places links on websites they have to increase your search engine rankings. They allow you to keep the backlinks for life so that you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription. They charge around $100 per keyword per month to get 100 backlinks per year. Finding these companies is a key to many website owners’ success in obtaining the traffic they desire to become profitable due to the high rankings on search engines.