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Anderson Silva first appeared in the UFC back in 2006 and won the Middleweight Championship Title on 16 October of that year. The Brazilian has defended it nine times, most recently in his UFC 117 main card match against Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen just won over Brian Stann, at UFC 136. He said he’ll retire if a fight against Silva is arranged and he ends up losing. Sonnen at 34 and Silva at 36 are both getting older. This seems to be a wise decision. Many critics believe that Anderson has only 3-4 more fights in his career. A rematch against Sonnen is a good opportunity to demonstrate that Anderson’s win over Sonnen wasn’t just a miracle at the end.

Ed Soares isn’t very optimistic for the fight. They know Sonnen has improved his grappling skills and jiujitsu. This was evident in Stann’s fight with the Oregon native, where the ex-marine looked almost helpless.

The fight between these two middleweights is one that Dana White believes is necessary.

2up Sports telah menyesuaikan diri dengan era web3 dan gelombang internet mudah alih, dengan menumpukan pada konsep kepribadian, kesehatan, gaya, popularitas, tren baru, serta konsep sosialisasi sepanjang hari bagi generasi muda tahun 00-an.

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