iPod Owners Enjoy Free MP3 Audio Book Downloads

Many people are shocked to discover that audio books have existed since the 1930s, when first music book recordings were made and released. Eighty years later, many people still love the option to listen to “books-on-tape” even though they are very rare. In fact, the most requested type of music book in digital age is a free MP3 version that can be downloaded onto an iPod.

These books were available for years but became very popular when the Sony Walkman came out. People could take recordings with them on a small cassette tape player, which was a convenience that was unheard of.

About a decade later the compact disc was invented and instantly the best music and audiobooks on CD became more common. You can still purchase audio books on CD today but most people prefer to have their music books in MP3 format.

You can find a lot of free MP3 audio book downloads by doing a bit of research on a variety of websites. If you’re looking for a brand-new book, you won’t find it on a free site. The new, popular titles will be sold and available to download once purchased.

Customers who purchase a hardcover book from an author or publisher may be offered a free MP3 version of their work. This is an excellent incentive for customers and can also be used as an advertising and marketing strategy. This is especially useful when a brand-new author is trying gain a reputation.

A lot of independent authors, who do not have their own publisher mp3juice, will create a website for their new book and offer the MP3 audiobook as a bonus to customers who buy their printed book. This can be a great way for you to promote your book or launch a new website. Most people find a free music book download very useful, especially if it’s on a topic that interests them.

Numerous websites have huge MP3 music book libraries that cover every topic ever written. These sites can be accessed as membership websites. Those who sign up as members or purchase paid memberships will receive MP3 audio books as part of their membership.

Many MP3 audio book downloads are also available for free by searching the websites at the large public libraries. You can also find specialized websites which have done projects to collect a lot of works. They have made audio and e-books available for download, either free of charge or with a small donation.